Coloring with Tiny stickers

What you need 1 sheet of tiny stickers 1 white paper Draw a simple scenery or anything you want. I drew a sun, a tree, a river and some flowers and birds.   Give the stickers to color the picture using the stickers.  For example- All yellow stickers  in the sun, All blue in the... Continue Reading →

DIY Reading wheel

This activity is to make a Simple reading wheel to help your child practice word families. What you need 3 paper plates 1 old earring ( metal/STUD) Markers   Take 3 paper plates.   Paper plate #1 Cut one Paper plate into a smaller circle.   Paper plate #2 Cut a small piece of the... Continue Reading →

3 year old’s best friend!

Can a 3 year old have a best friend?? Well my son seems to have one and they have so much fun together. 5 things I noticed in Elijah and Jo's friendship They love sharing their toys with each other They refuse to share their FAVORITE toys and the other one understands 🙂 They try... Continue Reading →

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