DIY Reading wheel

This activity is to make a Simple reading wheel to help your child practice word families. What you need 3 paper plates 1 old earring ( metal/STUD) Markers   Take 3 paper plates.   Paper plate #1 Cut one Paper plate into a smaller circle.   Paper plate #2 Cut a small piece of the... Continue Reading →

3 year old’s best friend!

Can a 3 year old have a best friend?? Well my son seems to have one and they have so much fun together. 5 things I noticed in Elijah and Jo's friendship They love sharing their toys with each other They refuse to share their FAVORITE toys and the other one understands 🙂 They try... Continue Reading →

Alphabet photo Book- Part 1

I gave Elijah my phone and asked him to go around the house and find things that begin with each letter of the Alphabet and take photos. It was interesting to see the things that he came up with. He had the patience to find things only from A to M. Got tired after that... Continue Reading →

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