Hooray for spring ! by Kazuo Iwamura

A sweet story about 3 baby squirrels who are so excited that spring has begun ! They run around the tree looking at the different sights of spring like the caterpillars, the cherry blossoms etc. suddenly they see a baby bird all alone. When they realize he is hungry they try to figure out what he would like to eat.

They try different things like pine cones and cherry blossoms but the baby refused everything. They wonder and wonder and finally are surprised with what the mama bird brings for her baby !

Fun read for my 3 year old and really beautiful illustrations. He was able to tell the story by just looking at the pictures 😊

What they learn :

1. Seasons ! To explain spring and things that happen in spring

2. Foods that different birds and animals eat. What squirrels like birds may not like and so on.

3. Dinner time book. As the bird opened his mouth my kids would open his mouth to take spoon of food in. Lots of bedtime books but this is one helped at dinner time 😋

I hope all of you enjoy it too !

Reviews on goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6330592-hooray-for-spring?from_search=true


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