Railroad Hank by Lisa Moser

This book is about a young man, railroad hank who is going to see granny Bett who is not doing so well and everyone he meets on the way offers to send something to make her feel better. Except hank misunderstands and ends up taking something else altogether ! When they offer to send milk he takes the cows !!Everyone runs behind him trying to correct him ending up in hilarious results.
Things they learn

1. Being kind and caring to others when they are feeling blue.

2. Where do we get our produce from.. eggs from hens and so on.

3. People and Laughter makes everything better
3 year old found it really funny, laughs every time we read it.

Hilarious illustrations and overall great book 👍

Goodreads reviews : http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13414563-railroad-hank


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