Pete the cat : Pete at the beach by James Dean

Pete the cat is one of my sons favorite favorite books ! All the books are written in such a way they really connect to the kids. Pete experiences the same things that they experience some time or the other. This book is about Pete going to the beach with his mom and brother. His brother goes off to surf in the water but Pete prefers to play on the beach building sand castles and catch with mom. Finally when he ventures into the water its cool and nice and he agrees to try to surf and both the brothers have a fun time at the beach.

Things they learn

1. Try new things! It’s ok to be scared of things but try new things and that’s when you will know if you enjoy it !

2. Every kid who goes to the beach and is hesitant of going into the water and instantly connects with Pete.

3. What a typical day at the beach is like. Surfing, collecting shells, building sand castles etc

4. Playing together and taking turns.
Fun book for 3 to 4 year olds. Easy to read words and cute illustrations.


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