Preschool activity :heavy or light

A simple activity to help your preschooler understand heavy and light. Very simple and everything is probably in your fridge or yard to do this.

Collect different sized fruits from your fridge. Go for a walk and collect some rocks,sticks,leaves,flowers etc.

  1. Feel the weight: Start off simple. Ask them to hold both and feel which one is heavier.
  • A Rock and a leaf
  • A Lemon and a Melon (or any 2 fruits)
  • Full glass and an empty glass

2. Bigger doesn’t always mean heavier.

  • A Balloon and a rock: use a small fan to see which one can blow away. If you dont have a fan just ask them to try to blow it away themselves!

3. Floats or sinks: Heavier things sink and lighter things float

  • Fill a big bowl of water and put things in it to see which ones float and which ones sink.

Simple but super fun for kids. Here’s how it went for us.


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