GOOD NIGHT OWL by Greg Pizzoli

This is the cutest bed time book ever!!!! its not like those other i’m-trying-to-make-you-drowsy books but a fun soothing book.

it’s about a owl who gets into bed ready to sleep when he hears a noise. He checks everywhere but is unable to figure out where the noise is coming from. he ends up pulling down the whole house looking for the noise.

The book is well written, keeps the suspense till the end. The illustrations perfectly capture the feelings of an owl upset at being disturbed by “the noise”.

We can see something the owl wasn’t noticing and my little son couldn’t figure out why the poor owl was getting so upset when we could see the “noise” RIGHT THERE! Hehehe.

What they learn:

  1.  Don’t be too hasty and foolish! what you are looking for might be just a small tiny thing.
  2. Simple words that are repeated often can be learnt: OWL, GOOD,NIGHT, NOISE etc

It is fun read, sure to be enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

goodreads reviews:


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