Five Little Ducklings Go to Bed by Carol Roth

This book was a hit with Elijah. he loves reading it even when it’s not bedtime. The book starts off with mama asking her 5 little ducklings to get ready to go to bed. 4 of the ducklings start their bedtime routine but 1 duckling decides he is not going to bed but stay up and play ! So all the other ducklings also decide not to sleep and end up playing and having a wild pillow fight! suddenly mama duck comes and gets mad at them and all of them feel really sad.

Then mama duck hugs them and tells them she will always hug them and they all hug and snuggle up and go to sleep.:)

What they learn:

  1. The most important and something every child wants to hear: we love you even when we are angry with you. Mama duck gets mad and  says even though you do naughty things I will always love you no matter what.
  2. Counting!
  3. Bedtime routine. Clean up, wear jammies, wash and brush teeth, get blanket and so on.
  4. Another thing that you can talk about is copying kids who might be doing naughty things. Tell them how when you are doing the right thing don’t copy people doing the wrong thing, it might seem like fun at that time but you will feel bad later.

Really adorable book .. the ducks are so cute even my 1 year old loved to see the duckies! read and let me know if you enjoyed it too !



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