Crunch! by Carolina Rabei

Crunch is a guinea pig who loves eating! When a little mouse comes and asks him to share his food in return for a “friendly hug” Crunch immediately refuses! Share his food!?! Impossible! After the mouse leaves Crunch starts thinking about him and starts worrying about him. He realizes he kept his food but lost a friend 😦 So finally he feels guilty for not sharing and goes out looking for him. He ends up seeing things simple things he never experienced before but doesn’t find the mouse.  He comes home feeling sorry but finds a surprise waiting for him there. 🙂

It is a well written book, I felt it’s longer and a little more detailed story than usual picture books.

What they learn:

  1. Guinea pigs love to eat
  2. Sharing  will make you happy with more friends, being selfish will only result in loneliness. Crunch might have all the food for 3 meals a day but it was no fun without a friend to share it.
  3. Being brave to venture out of their little world. You don’t know all the things you can see and do if you decide to try new things.



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