Activity: Learning biggest to smallest

What you need:

  1. sticks or straws (To be safe)
  2. play-dough (to make it more fun

Go for a walk and collect sticks of different sizes. Wash them and dry them.

Explain to your child what big, bigger, biggest. small smaller smallest means. We read a book (big bug) to help him understand.

 Then  I asked him to try.

Initially he didn’t get it at all ! was just playing with the sticks. When little sister also got in and they started almost poking each other with the sticks I moved from sticks to straws.

Gave him scissors to cut the straws into different sizes( Cutting practice). And then also made some play-dough to poke the straws into so that the height of the straw will be clearer to see.

This was also difficult at first.

So had to use some example to help him understand.

Made a pretend TV a sofa with the play-dough. Asked him to make the kids( straws) sit one behind another on the sofa to see the TV but they have to sit smallest to biggest. Showed him how if a tall kid sits in front ,the short kid behind can’t see. So asked him to make them sit accordingly ! and Immediately he got it! He was able to identify heights and position the straws from smallest to biggest !

You can give any example to help your child understand! Some may be able to figure it out visually, only by looking at the objects but Elijah needed some logic to do it, a problem to solve. 🙂

Given 2 objects he could easily identify the big one and the small one but with more than one he was getting confused. But with this he learnt big, bigger, biggest. Great learning activity and helped me also learn how to teach him better.









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