Activity: Cleaning coins with vinegar and salt

A Really fun science experiment for kids. (Adapted from here) Cleaning  copper coins with vinegar and salt.

I started off by showing dull copper coins to Elijah and asked him what can he use to clean it. First of course he said water. So i gave him some water to try to clean it and it brushed it with an old brush.

Then I asked him what else will he use. So he said Soap and water. Gave him some Soapy water and he tried to clean it again. once done he actually thought they were clean 🙂

Then I told him I’ll show him what really SHINY and clean means. So gave him some vinegar in a bowl, he added salt to it and then dropped the coins in. Waited for few minutes and when he took them out he was surprised to find that they turned “pink” 😀

Then immersed only part of the coin in the solution and saw how only part of it changes color.

Elijah had fun dropping all the coins and stirring it around and seeing them shiny and new. This is a very common and fun science experiment ! Try it !



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