Maxi the Little Taxi by Elizabeth Upton

It starts off with Maxi, a brand new taxi starting his first day of work. He starts off shiny and bright like all of us and is super excited, zipping and zooming everywhere and splashing in puddles, enjoying his day. He picks up passengers and is having a great time. But slowly slowly he gets more and more grimy. With mud and kids with ice creams dripping and so on.

So eventually no one wants to ride in him anymore and he is really sad. That’s when a small boy ad his mother waves him over, gets in and takes him to the car wash. So finally he gets cleaned up and is shiny and bright again.

The whole story is written in rhyming words and that makes it easy and read and nice to listen again and again.

What they learn:

  1. Listening to the rhyming words.
  2. How a taxi is different from normal car. It takes different people to different destinations rather than a family car that only the family drives to wherever they need to go.
  3. Being clean and tidy. Very important, even as you are having fun so that you can help others too.





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