Activity : Seasons with Jelly beans



This Activity is to make 4 trees in 4 different seasons with Jelly beans as leaves. I added one extra step with Elijah – reading. I am just introducing him to words, simple 2 or 3 letter words.

  1. Teach 2 words- IN and OUT.Make sure he is able to identify both.
  2. Draw 4 trees on a sheet of paper representing  summer, spring, fall winter.
  3. For each season write IN or OUT or both representing where the leaves should be. For example in fall the leaves are both on the trees and around the trees, so i wrote In and OUT. Spring &Summer- IN and winter – OUT for no leaves on trees and snow on the ground.
  4. Explain about the 4 seasons and what color the leaves will be.
  5. Then start the activity.

I asked him to read the word and put the jelly beans accordingly on the tree.

So he put pink jelly beans on the spring tree, yellow, orange and red on and around the Fall tree, Green on the summer tree, white around the winter tree( like snow)

Ended up with beautiful 4 seasons!


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