Activity: fast vs slow 

Collect all the toys you think you can compare to teach your child which what is faster and which one slower.

I found an aeroplane, car,digging truck, cement mixer, motorbike,dog, man,turtle. Put all of them in a bag and asked him to pick any 2 and guess which one is faster.

initially he was just pushing the toys to see which one goes faster (haha) but then i explained how he should imagine the toys in real life and then decide which one goes faster.

Started off with the car and the digging truck. First he thought the digger truck might go faster. So explained how construction vehicles move slower than cars and other vehicles because they are build for construction work and mot for moving people around.

Most of the other pairs he figured out after that.

Then showed him all the toys and asked to sort from slowest to fastest which he was able to do.

Overall had fun especially because he loves trucks and any activity with them.



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