Activity: identifying S,T,A letter sounds 

First of course teach your child S T and A sounds.  🙂 

This games is to identify which  words begin with what letter sound 

1. Cut of pictures of objects beginning with S T and A from old magazines 

2. Make a parking lot with tape 
 3. Place each picture in a parking spot 

4. Stick letters corresponding to the number of objects for each letter on some cars. 

5. Ask your child to name the object and park the car with the beginning letter sound in that spot.

Pictures that we used 

S- steps , strawberry, soup, shoes 

T- teeth,tomato, tap

A- apple , arrow, amazon 🙂 

You can find so many more avocado aeroplane table etc etc 

After Elijah was some parking I asked him to tell any other word with these letters. 

For A he said apps , S he said scissors  and t he couldn’t. I prompted  with truck tail so on. 

Hope you child enjoys and learns with this game too ! 




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