Activity:Pompom cricket and more games  !

W tried 3 fun ways to play with pompoms for preschoolers

  1. Balancing pompoms on a spoon between your teeth

Put the pompoms in a spoon and hold it between the teeth and walk from one point to another.

Initially Elijah was holding the spoon slanting up or down and the pompoms were falling off but soon he figured out that if he hold it straight he can walk without them falling up.

2. Blow pompoms between 2 straight lines. (idea from handsonaswegrow)

Elijah tried and it went out of the lines a couple of times. He didn’t have much patience for this and kept using his hands to put it back. But i will try it again some time to see if he likes it better.

3. Pompom cricket

Make 4 boxes each for a specific number of runs. 

Ask your child to push the pompom with a straw as far as he can. 

The box that it lands in will be the runs scored! 

You can even practice addition by adding up the runs at the end. 


  • Concentration
  • Balance
  • direction
  • Addition 
  • patience 🙂


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