Police Car on Patrol (Busy Wheels) by Peter Bently

This was such an exciting book to read ! The police, the thief, the chase,the capture!! Super exciting for my little boy 🙂

It starts of with 2 police cats getting their car ready for night Patrol when they get an alert that a famous thief has been spotted in the area. 

They go to keep watch and they suddenly see a masked someone climbing out of the window! A chase ensued and backup was called with helicopters and everything! 

They manage to locate his cabin, corner him and then of course they catch him and unmask him at the end. 

It describes the sequence of police chase and what they do so well. From the extra bright headlights to how the officers are trained to drive fast and safe , everything. 

There is even a detailed police car pictur at the end. 

The illustrations was one of the best things I personally liked in this book. Even though they were talking about police they didn’t picture guns anywhere 🙂 

All in all, a great book. Both for learning about police cars and also a great read. 



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