Reading lesson 1:Building words with a and at sounds

This week Elijah and I started working on building words.

My son could just never understand “blending”. Even though he knew individual letter sounds blending was something that he could never do.

But what he was able to do is identify sounds in words. We did this activity to identify letter sounds.

So I started asking him to listen and build words himself. And since he was building the words himself he was able to understand and read the words too !

We used alphabet magnets to make it easy and fun ! As an added incentive I said for every word he builds he gets 1 SKITTLE 😆

Started simple only with a and at sound.

1. Stuck only 1 letter “a” on the fridge.

2. Put other ( very few ) letters on a tray. I put t,f,b,s,d,p,j since since these are the sounds he knows.

3. Asked him to listen to what I say and build the word.

4. So I said “ta” and he picked up the t and stuck it. Similarly ca,ba,da,pa,fa,ja and so on. (Getting a skittle for every word)

5.Once he was confident with 2 letters I added a “t” and made the base word “at”

6. Again I said words and he tried to build them. Sat,hat,fat, cat and so on. (Getting a skittle for every word .. he was getting so good I was regretting offering this reward 😃)

7. Once he was able to build confidently I wrote words and asked him to read. And he was able to read  most of them !

8. Then we took turns testing each other to make to more fun for him. He would make a word and I would read and if I read it correctly he would give me a skittle 😊

It was really nice to see him reading and he enjoyed himself too !

Did an Activity to reinforce this too.Check it out!


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