Activity: Ice Excavation

Got the idea to do this activity from diyunlimitedfun.

it was super fun and kept the kids occupied for almost an hour!


Find some toys and put them in bowls. I put them in bowls of different sizes. Also i put in toys of different textures, some that float some that sink and so on. Fill with water and freeze overnight.

I put the ice bowls in a wide deep box (to avoid overflow but it a little big is expected) and asked them to “Excavate” the toys out. Elijah brought all his tools to try to get them out.

i gave him some salt and warm water to sprinkle and make the melt faster.

Kept one bowl away from the salt and warm water. When all the other bowls melted, this  one was still frozen. So he understood how salt and warm water melts ice faster.

Even Eliana enjoyed herself, playing the water and collecting the ice. Good sensory activity for toddlers in the summer.

Engaging and learning activity.. a must do for all kids!







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