Reading Activity 1: Train with “at” words


Yesterday Elijah learnt building and reading “at” words. so did this activity today to identify and practice reading more “at” rhyming words.  Such as CAT,BAT,HAT,MAT,FAT,PAT etc

Write words on blocks, some with “at” words and some with other words (CAN, BALL, anything:))

He had to pick up a block, read the word and decide if it had an “at” word.

Intentionally he found it difficult so i wrote “at” on a paper and asked him to color it. This helped him remember and identify “at” better.

I asked him to make a tower with all the “at” words but he wanted to make a train 🙂 so he made a train.

Once he understood it was easy. He read the word and if it had “at” he put in the “at” train otherwise in the other train.

You can try this game for anything, alphabets, words or even more sets of words for advanced readers 🙂



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