Activity : chocolate coconut balloon bowl 

What you need : 

1. Chocolate chips( or any chocolate to melt ) 

2. Shredded coconut ( or sprinkles or any other topping that you like ) 

3. Medium sized balloons 

First we blew some balloons. Not too big so that the bowl that comes will not be too big. Then we washed the balloons and dried them. 

Melted the chocolates chips and poured it into a wide bowl so that it will be easy for the kids to dip the balloons. 

Show them how the chocolate is liquid when heated. 

Then put some shredded coconut into a plate. 

Gave Elijah the balloons to dip into the chocolate and the coconut. 

After that I took them and put them in the freezer for around 8 hours or overnight. 

Then the fun part! 

Take them and put them on plates and pop them ! 

The balloon bursts and we have a small coconut coated chocolate bowl ! 

I asked Elijah to pop the balloons but he was too scared hehe 😀 so I popped them and he was really excited to see the bowl. 

They can see how the liquid chocolate froze and took the shape of the balloon. Good activity to learn different states of matter too ! 

Scooped out some ice cream onto it and it was fun to eat!


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