Book review : We are going on a Bear hunt by Michael Rosen

A Family of 5 starts out on a bear hunt, looking to catch a bag one! The go through grass, water,mud,forests,snow and a cave in which they finally meet the bear.

They book is written like a song with repeating verses. For example

‘We’re going on a bear hunt.
We’re going to catch a big one.
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared.’

Till they reach a obstacle like water or grass. They can’t go over it or under it so they have to go through it. Crossing all the obstacles they finally find the bear but get totally frightened and race back home with the bear following them. They reach home and finally shut the door on the bear and hide under the covers and decide they will never go on a bear hunt again!

Things to learn:

  1. Real bears are not as cute as teddy bears 🙂 They are scary ! Which was a good way to explain to Elijah about domestic and wild animals. Even though we have soft cuddly tigers, lion toys they are still wild animals.
  2. Keeps attention of young readers because of the song-like phrases and the excitement of both looking for the bear and escaping from the bear!
  3. Sounds and real feel of different obstacles as they go through them. “Spalsh splosh” through the water, “Stumble trip” through the forest and so on.

The book is an award winning book (which we didn’t know when we borrowed this book from the library) and it has been in publication for more than 25 years so you know it’s a really good book.



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