Pretend play : Ice cream shop 

Pretend play is always fun for us! There is so much learning and it’s never boring !! 

What you need : 

  • Pompoms ( different colors ) 
  • Old cards or card paper
  • Sciccors 
  • Tape 

First we cut the old cards into rectangles and folded them into cone shapes and taped the sides. 

Put all the pompoms in a bowl and start scooping ! 

Flavors based on Fruit colors  

We had 3 colors and red pink and blue. So I asked him to think of fruits of each color and decide the ice cream flavors. He chose watermelon , peach and blueberry. 

Counting scoops 

First Elijah was the icecream man and I was the customer and I placed different combinations of orders for example 1 scoop of watermelon and 2 blueberry and so on.  


Then introduced money into the game. 

I put the prices from $11 to $15 ( those are the ones he is learning ) 

He became the customer and placed orders. After making the icecream and I would tell him the price and he looked for the right note and paid for his icecream 😊

 It was lots of fun and when he was done I gave him a bowl of real icecream to eat which made him like the game even more ! 


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