Activity: Snow Globe With Egg Shells 

I was looking for an activity to do with egg shells and I found this activity to make a snow Globe With crushed egg shells !

What you need : 

1. Egg shells 

2. Oil ( we used vegetable you can use baby or mineral oil too ) 

3. Transparent jar 

4. Plastic toy 

5. Glue 

We used only 1 big toy to make it easy .. a reindeer. Elijah glued it to the cap and we left it aside to let it set. 

Then we crushed the egg shells. (Be sure to remove the membrane) Both the kids had fun doing this. 

After that I poured the oil in the jar and Elijah put the egg Shells in and few drops of food coloring to see what happens. 

Then turn the cap into place and shake it ! 

It was beautiful and fun to watch. 



  1. Great idea! Egg shells were one of the very first “snow” elements used in the first snow globes made back in the late 1800s. They rolled them to create a crumbly dust. (Snow globe artist and historian here, so I loved that you came up with the same element they did nearly 150 years ago, before the invention of mylar glitter!)


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