Book Review: Look Out, Suzy Goose by Petr Horáček

Suzy Goose is  tired of her noisy flock and decides to go into the woods to find some peace and quiet. She goes “flip flop flip flop” into the woods thinking it will be nice and quiet there but ends up being followed by a hungry fox who wants goose for dinner and then a wolf who wants both the fox and the goose and finally a bear who wants all 3 of them 🙂

Finally when Suzy reaches deep into the woods she is so happy that she lets out a loud HONK which wakes up an OWL who HOOTTTSS and scares the fox, wolf and bear away!

Looking around and seeing no one Suzy feels lonely and hurries back home finally glad to be with her flock.

What kids will like:

  • The suspense of the story keeps them curious. Will Suzy escape? HOW!
  • Suzy gooze! She is so adorable, innocent and cute… flip flopping along.
  • The illustrations-the dark scary forest, the geese… very captivating.

What they learn:

  • Firstly of course not to wander of alone anywhere. Stay with your ” flock” and be safe!
  • Repeating words are written in big appealing fonts to encourage early readers to identify and read words.



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