Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and mom-in law too!


My hubby posted this on facebook about my mom-in-law and it was was so sweet I wanted to share it here. Truly she made him the wonderful person he is today. 

Mom, I love you. Not only because you gave me birth and took care of me but for the many lessons I learnt from you..

1. You have inspired me to never stop learning and age doesn’t matter for learning when I saw you learning reading and writing at the age of 35. What a happy moment when you first signed your name..🙂

2. You have inspired me to work hard when I saw you weaving clothes from early morning 4:00 AM to 10 PM in the night to help dad in family finances.
3. You have inspired to me share with others with whatever you have when I saw you giving away the vegetables you have grown.
4. You taught me how to respect parents when I saw you giving respect to your parents.
5. You have inspired me to be humble when I saw you submitting to dad many times.
There are many more things I learnt from you.. thank you so much for your caring and efforts all these years. 
I may not have our photos to share but I have my feelings to share.. Love you. Happy Mother’s Day.


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