Book review : Dump Truck Dash by Peter Bently

After reading Police car patrol Elijah wanted to read more busy wheels books so he selected this from the library this week.

This book is PACKED with learning about dump trucks ! There is so much info that Elijah really understood it only after I read the book 3 or 4 times 😊

So the story is, Beaver and dump truck are clearing out a building site when the river is about to overflow. Beaver and dump truck fill mud in the truck and dump it to make a wall and stop the overflow.  It’s a nice story to teach to kids about rain and how rivers overflow sometimes and what dams are and so on.

What I liked in the book :

  • Good story with a real time example of where dump trucks can be used !
  • It explains well how bulldozers, diggers and dump trucks work together to clear out a building site.
  • When dump truck is clearing out the site, it sorts and takes different things to different places. It talks about taking recycling materials to the bicycle shop, soil to the new park.

This book would be good for kids age: 4+.


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