Activity: Name train with egg carton(Motor skills)

I found this activity on hands on as we grow – egg carton train for a toddler.

 Made it a little more difficult for Elijah by writing letters and numbers on them so that he can thread them in sequence. 

We used yarn to thread the cartons. I attached a safety pin to one end so that it’s easier to hold. ( please be super careful if you add pins especially if your kids put things in their mouth. Watch them and put it away as soon as the activity is done ! ) 

What you need : 

  • Egg carton 
  • Scissors 
  • Marker to write on the egg carton 
  • Yarn or pipe cleaner 
  • Safety Pin( optional ) 

Cut the egg cartoon into individual boxes and punch holes in them. Punch 2 holes in opposite sides. 

Write numbers/letters on them.  

Pin the yarn and thread the carton but in the right order ! 

He made 2 trains – a name train and a number train. 

He had fun playing with them too ! Attached it to his fire truck and pulled it around 😊

And Eliana tried it too.. putting the yarn through the hole but I’m sure pipe cleaners will be easier for  her. 


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