Match the tracks with Play doh 

What you need

  • Play doh 
  • Different sizes toy vehicles and animals 

Roll out the play doh and make tracks with different vehicles and animals on them. 

I used 

  • Monster truck (big wheels)
  • Bike
  • Car 
  • Bird 
  • Dog 
  • Boy 
  • Truck with different sized wheels 

Then I asked Elijah to match. He was  able to match the animals easily. Bird with 2 feet , dog with 4 feet etc. 

The bike was also easy since it makes 1 line. 

The cars was what he got confused with. So then he looked at the tires and matched the tracks. 

Then he Wanted to make the tracks so rolled the play doh again. 😊

Then I showed him our “tracks ” – our fingerprints – in the play doh.

Then we talked about how all of us have a different and unique fingerprint which makes all of us special ❤️



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