Activity: what’s the story behind your name?

This activity was to teach my son how to spell and know more about  his name – Elijah 


The activity was very simple. He selected a photo from our family album.  

I made boxes for him and spelt his name under that 

Then I cut out alphabets from old magazines, not only alphabets that are in his name but other alphabets too. 

Then he stuck the correct alphabets in the boxes to spell out his name. 

After he was done it looked like this 😊


Then I told him the story of Elijah. (How Elijah built the altar and God sent fire from heaven and proved He is the true God. )

What Elijah means 

Jehovah is God

 why we named him Elijah. 

We wanted his life to be a testimony that Jesus is our God and he can always depend on Jesus. We prayed that God will use him to prove to people that He is true 😊

He understood the story and told me the whole story after that. 

It was good to tell him how special his name is and what it means to us. 

Try it with your kids. I’m sure they will love to hear the story behind their name and why you gave them that name. 


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