Book Review: Pete the cat and the bad banana

Another sweet Pete the cat book 🙂 It was such an adorable book. Elijah loves Pete the cat books because they are so relatable. Every story is so simple and something that every child has experienced.

This book teaches them not to give up on something just because they had a bad experience once. 

Pete loves bananas but unfortunately one day he eats a bad banana. It’s yucky and mushy and Pete gets a tummy ache 😦

After that he decides never to eat bananas again. His mom gives him all sorts of banana desserts but he doesn’t even touch them.  He eats all sorts of other things to fill up so that he will not be hungry for bananas.

Until one day…. He has to run a race and he is hungry!! What can he eat to fill up before a race? Nothing seems to be right fit. Finally he decides to eat a banana and he slowly opens it and it is NOT MUSHY! It was yummyyy.  And he wins the race 😀

Things to learn:

  • Talk about not giving up on things
  • Comparing different foods in color and shape, like Pete does, but do they taste the same?
  • Mommies, don’t give up 🙂 Keep offering different foods to your kid. you never know what they might like.
  • Simple easy reading



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