Book review : How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? by Chris Butterworth

Where does the food we eat come from? Do your kids know? If yes -This book will be a fun read and if not – you MUST read this book!

When I asked Elijah this question – he said the Store! Yes, we buy it from the grocery store but does it grow there? Well, no -so where does it actually come from!

This book starts off showing a Simple lunch box and explains where each item comes from. It covers almost everything -Bread, cheese, Apples, carrots tomatoes, clementines and best of all EVEN CHOCOLATE!!! In the end it even shows the different kinds of food that kids should eat regularly.

It seems to cover all pretty much all the food groups. The illustrations were simple and explained everything very nicely.

I was surprised how interesting this book was for Elijah (3 year old). He listened raptly with a look of total surprise on his face! Chocolate comes from TREES?!

It was our first nutritional book and we really enjoyed it.

Things Elijah learnt from this book:

  • Cheese comes from milk.
  • A flower turns into a fruit/Veggie! ( Tomato, Apple, Clementine)
  • Some Veggies grow under the ground too (Carrot)
  • Different fruits grow/ripen in different seasons( Apples in Autumn etc)
  • and best of all -Making chocolate is NOT easy 😀
  • What are the various kinds of food that we need to eat to grow up healthy and strong?



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