Book Review: Play with Blue by Bonnie Bader

This book is a Level 1 reading book that Elijah was actually able to read.

  • The Sentences are simple and small.
  • Words are repeated often.
  • Only 1 or 2 sentences per page.
  • Easy sight words
  • Simple story
  • pictures help to predict the word.

The story is about 2 kids who see a something/someone blue.

They don’t know what it is and run away. But  Blue keeps inviting them to play and they say no no we will not play. Then Blue goes up a tree and falls off calling for help! The kids run to help when he shows them that he doesn’t need help and he can fly! Then he says you don’t have to help, you have to play 🙂
It was a great first reader book and i definitely recommend it !

managed to get a video of Elijah reading to dad 🙂






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