DIY Reading wheel

This activity is to make a Simple reading wheel to help your child practice word families.

What you need

  • 3 paper plates
  • 1 old earring ( metal/STUD)
  • Markers


Take 3 paper plates.


Paper plate #1

Cut one Paper plate into a smaller circle.


Paper plate #2

Cut a small piece of the side of the plate.


Paper plate #3

Keep as it is


Take any earring with a safe metal clasp.

I have so many earrings where I have lost one in the pair so  I used one of those. [ Please be very careful if it is a small earring and you have children who might put it in their mouth]




Poke the Earring through the 3 paper plates in order ! Pin the papers before you write the alphabets so that the direction you write  the alphabets is correct.



I wrote common consonant letters on the small circle like c,b,p,t,r,m,s

on the big paper plate I wrote the word family letter patterns- at, en, ig,id,ed etc

Added some borders to make it clearer 🙂

and it’s ready!!!!



It was a fun way to practice words. For today Elijah was able to read only the “at” words.

But it will help him practice and learn other sounds faster !


Hope you try it and let me know if it helps improve your child’s reading too!

Here is a similar spinning wheel for numbers


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