The Berenstain bears forget their manners by Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

This is a funny book to talk to children about basic manners like please, thank you, no pushing, excuse me and so on.

The book starts with brother and sister forgetting their manners and mama bear tries different ways to correct their behavior. Nothing works and she comes up with a plan to beat bad habits with good habits.

When the Brother and sister bears see that she is really serious they come up with their own plan to make mama fed up with manners but instead end up seeing things are easier when everyone is polite and kind (Elijah found this part so funny!!).

But papa bear still finds it difficult to change and it takes a little more time before he also realizes that it is very important to remember our manners at all times.

I’ve recently started asking Elijah questions after I read a book to him. It helps listening comprehension and see if he understood the story too. 

Questions to ask after reading the book

  • What manners did Brother and Sister forget?
  • What all did mama bear try to correct their behavior?
  • With what did mama fight bad habits with?
  • What plan did brother and sister come up with?
  • What else should you have along with manners?
  • Why should we be polite when someone else angry?




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